Neurolife Physiotherapists and Team

Neurolife consists of a small neurological physiotherapy team in addition to exercise physiologists.

The Neurolife Team

  • The neurological physiotherapy team is comprised of only senior clinicians with extensive experience in stroke rehab and treatment of other neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, brain injury and spinal cord injury.
  • The Neurolife physiotherapy team have post-graduate certifications in the Bobath method; a highly regarded approach to neuro physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation.
  • The exercise physiologists are very experienced in providing high quality exercise therapy for clients with neurological conditions.


Bernadette Dornom
Bernadette DornomDirector and Senior Physiotherapist

Bernadette graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2002 completing all her Physiotherapist training at St Vincent’s hospital in Melbourne, where she was employed on graduating, training and working with one of Australia’s Bobath instructors, Dr Kim Brock.

She was well trained in the Bobath Concept, ‘it’s all I know’, when she moved to UK for work and travel. She worked in the UK as a senior neurological physiotherapist at various rehabilitation centres including The Bobath Centre in London (founded by Mrs Bobath).

Here, she worked on the adult team, treating people with neurological injuries in a private practice setting. People travel from all over the UK and Europe to the Bobath Centre for intensive 2-week bursts of treatment to achieve focused goals.

On returning from the UK Bern worked for Neurolife as well as Epworth Rehabilitation Hospital and completed her Post Grad Dip in Neurological Rehabilitation at the University of Western Australia.

She now also works at Caulfield Hospital as a senior clinician in Neurological Rehabilitation. Bern enjoys working closely with clients, challenging them to push beyond their boundaries or limitations Bern is currently on Maternity leave.

Belinda Herrington
Belinda HerringtonDirector and Senior Physiotherapist

Belinda graduated from La Trobe University with Ba.Physiotherapy in 1998. She commenced working in Rehabilitation in 1999 and quickly focussed her passion to rehabilitation of neurological conditions. Her experience is wide-ranging, from early stage Rehabilitation to Community-based input years later.

She has worked in Rehabilitation Hospitals, Private Practice, Community-based teams, and Slow Stream Rehabilitation and has consolidated skills from wheelchair-based rehabilitation to return to running. She has spent recent years enjoying the balance of family life with part-time work. Belinda has completed her Basic and a number of Advanced Bobath Courses.

She has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of disorders of balance and dizziness (vestibular rehabilitation), and is passionate about supporting clients and their families to work towards their individual goals. Belinda is working on Fridays in rooms at East Doncaster, and on Wednesdays in homes and gyms.

Sarah HelbigSenior Physiotherapist

Sarah graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia in 2005 and developed an interest in neurological physiotherapy whilst at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital.  She has completed a Post Grad Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation through the University of Western Australia before moving to Melbourne, where she has worked at Epworth Rehabilitation, Caulfield, and The Alfred hospitals.

Sarah has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist in Neurological and Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation and in Acute Neurosciences, developing a breadth of knowledge and skill across the continuum of care.  She has completed her Basic Bobath training and Advanced Spinal Training, further enhancing her clinical skills.

After a period of maternity leave, Sarah has joined the NeuroLife Physiotherapy team to work closely with clients in the community on Monday’s and Thursdays.

Jacqueline WaiteSenior Exercise Physiologist

Jacqueline is an Exercise Physiologists who graduated from Victoria University in 2007. She has worked as an Allied Health Professional in both private practice and hospital rehabilitation settings for many years.  She specialises in providing mobility and function to clients with medical conditions through exercise.

With a special interest in neurological rehabilitation, Jacqueline provides exercise and lifestyle support for people with neurological injuries to encourage sustainable lifestyle changes.

Jacqueline’s main focus is health education, exercise counselling and physical rehabilitation. This is primarily through exercise prescription, which includes individual programs set according to both special interests and individual’s goals, plus counselling to reduce sedentary behaviours.

Assessment is made to ensure the activity prescription is safe, effective, and likely to be maintained in the long term. Clients have the option of receiving home visits with a home-based program, or ongoing support in an exercise environment that has exercise equipment and hydrotherapy pool.

Jacqueline has experience dealing with conditions such as Acquired Brain Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord injuries, Guillain Barre Syndrome and Parkinson ’s disease.