Neurolife Physiotherapy Melbourne

Neurolife Physiotherapy Melbourne is a boutique neuro physio practice. Neurolife has a small team of neurological physiotherapists and exercise physiologists that provide stroke rehabilitation and other neuro physio services. These can be provided in the rooms in East Melbourne or as home based therapy.

What Sets Neurolife Physiotherapy Apart from other Melbourne Neurological Physiotherapy Services?

  • The neurological physiotherapist team is comprised of only senior clinicians with extensive experience in stroke rehab and treatment of other neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, brain injury and spinal cord injury.
  • The Neurolife physiotherapy team have post-graduate certifications in the Bobath method; a highly regarded approach to neuro physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation.
  • The exercise physiologists are very experienced in providing high quality exercise therapy for clients with neurological conditions.